Governor List

Local Authority Governor (1)

Term of Office

 Geoffrey Lewis  21st November 2018


Head Teacher (1)

Term of Office

Caroline Logan Head Teacher


Staff Governor (1)

Term of Office

Amy Guy 1st November 2019


Trust Governors (2)

Term of Office

 Martyn Roberts  4th April 2019



Parent Governors (4)

Term of Office

Reena Gura 21st October 2020
Sian Roberts 2nd March 2019
To Be Appointed
To Be Appointed
Che Yee Lam 11th November 2020


Co-Opted Governors (2)

Term of Office

 Natasha Glover 30th August 2018
Surrinder Rai 30th August 2018



Martyn Roberts

Vice Chair

To Be Assigned

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