The Governing Body should help to set, and keep under review, the broad framework within which the Head Teacher and the staff should run the school. Governors should help to decide the school’s strategy for improvement so that its pupils learn most effectively and achieve the highest standards. Governors’ involvement in formulating policies and drawing up the development / improvement plan are key issues within this role.


To provide the Head Teacher and staff with support, advice and information, drawing on its members’ knowledge and experience.

Critical: it has responsibility for monitoring and evaluating the school’s effectiveness.

A friend: it exists to promote the interests of the school and its pupils.


The Governing Body is responsible for ensuring good quality education in the school and an effective response to Every Child Matters. It has the right to discuss, question and refine proposals while always respecting the professional roles of the Head Teacher and other staff, and their responsibilities for the management of the school.

In its turn, it is accountable to parents and the wider community for its actions and the schools overall performance.

No one member of the Governing Body is expected to know all there is to know about governance.  Individuals who take on certain roles should take  responsibility and ownership of their role so that between all members collectively the roles and responsibilities of the Governing Body are shared. 


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