Mission Statement

Our Vision for the children at Park Hill




We believe all pupils at Park Hill should be nurtured so that they are the best they can possibly be. We will provide them with the skills to be world ready, have a moral purpose and be good citizens.

We will offer;

  • Guidance and Support

We will ensure that children are guided and supported with their learning. Work will be marked and next steps will be given so the children know how to improve. Guidance will be given through our behaviour policy and support will be given to children. Our mentoring programme will support and guide.

  • Personalised learning

We will differentiate work and provide work at appropriate levels to both support children and challenge. Plans and work will be adapted so that learning is tailored to each individual and feedback given to move the children on and develop their learning. If one style does not work for a child then another style will be worked through. We have high standards of teaching and assessment procedures.


  • Structure, stability and consistency

There will be school structure in the form of routines and structure to the day. There will be a stable environment for the children of Park Hill. Clear boundaries are set in school and children will learn to  behave within them. There will be consistency in how behaviour is managed, classroom displays, rules and values in classes to aid transition and to help children as they move through the school.

  • Morals and values

Park Hill celebrate British values and moral values. There will be a moral value celebrated each half term and this will be displayed on the website and around school. Children will learn about the value. We will teach right from wrong and set clear expectations for behaviour. Staff and children will be role models.

  • A broad and balanced curriculum

We will ensure that the curriculum is regularly analysed and ensure it offers the core subjects as well as the foundation subjects. We will ensure that English and Maths are taught through Topic in order to be able to practice and transfer skills. Intervention will be offered so that children can achieve their best.

  • Self –worth

We will encourage children to be positive about themselves. We will praise the sunshine children and celebrate achievements. Staff are approachable and we listen to children.

  • Pupil and family support 

Support will be given to both pupils and their families. We have an open door policy and any family can come in and talk. We will find agencies to support and help and we follow issues up and check on progress. Every child and every family matters.


  • A safe and secure environment

At Park Hill we are accessible and available to listen to children. School is safe and we have a worry box if any child feels worried about anything. The site is secure and regularly checked.



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