Pupil Premium

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What is Pupil Premium?

The pupil premium is a national initiative which grants schools extra funding based on the number of disadvantaged students they have on roll, and is aimed at addressing the gap in educational attainment between these pupils and their more advantaged peers. 

Ofsted and the Department for Education make it clear that:

· schools can use the pupil premium in any way they think is effective, as long as the attainment gap is closing in the context of whole school improvement

· the pupil premium can be used to proportionally part-fund interventions that include ineligible students, therefore bringing about economies of scale

· the pupil premium can be spent on enrichment activities, as long as these have some educational goal (even if indirect) and the impact is measured

What do successful schools spend the Pupil Premium allocation on?

· They spend it on a balance of academic, pastoral and enrichment activities.

· The most important feature is not the type of intervention, but the quality of the staff delivering it. Successful schools therefore prioritise recruiting high quality staff and training them well. This applies to both teachers and support staff.


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